MALTeR BeerStro

MALTeR is a Bier-restaurant, prototype of the Central-European pub.  Our motto is “Pub food for Street people!” or else “Come hungry, leave drunk!” This refers to understandable and favourite food, but at the same time it also means that anyone can just cosily pop in for a quick drink or a full meal. This is important, because we believe that eating is integral part of the enjoyment of beers. According to our philosophy the two together create the full experience.

We have opened our premises on 2nd November 2016, following a 5-month renovation of the building. Anyone can have a look in our kitchen, our beer tap is iconic. MALTeR is also ideal for hosting various events. Live sport broadcasts are shown on large screens.

Food and drinks

We have selected our dishes in a way that they all fit well in the Central-European pub culture; they are suitable for drinking beer, they come in substantial portions and with appetising looks. We of course didn’t forget about those who are not keen on beer, but they come with others in a group. We offer wines, quality spirits and also non-alcoholic drinks. Our 6 beer taps are continuously on, offering Hungarian and Central-European (craft) beers. Our selection also includes bottled beers, thus we are able to present several Hungarian breweries.

Weekly beers

Cerna Hora Matous from 490Ft (0,3l)
Cerna Hora Granat from 490Ft (0,3l)
Cerna Hora Velen from 650Ft (0,3l)
Cerna Hora Kvasar from 570Ft (0,3l)
Smooth Operator from 850Ft (0,3l)
Kasteel Rouge from 850Ft (0,3l)


The building, where MALTeR is currently operated, used to host – nearly for 50 years- the Kispipa Restaurant, a legendary establishment of Pest nightlife. Rezső Seress was playing music here, composer of the famous song entitled Szomorú vasárnap (Gloomy Sunday) and of many others. The famous song has been used by several foreign musicians. Guests gathered round his piano in the night. People talked a lot about him and visited him when they had an evening off. Gloomy Sunday is the only Hungarian world hit from the 20th century until this day. The life of the composer was also adapted to screen (with an unsurprising title of Gloomy Sunday). In MALTeR we raised a commemorative wall to his memory.

The staff

With respect to our colleagues it is a basic requirement, that they have extensive knowledge of beer and we are striving to turn beer consumption into a full experience. We are ready to answer your questions, if you don’t know our brews or need additional information. All of us proclaim that we are devoted to professional alcoholism. We mean this in a positive way. This basically means that we love what we are doing and we do our best to be experts in what we do. Our team has been working together for several years. Previously we have been running the Felni Beer Bistro in Jókai Street.



1071 Budapest, Akácfa utca 38.