Soups – liquid but not beer

Baked-garlic cream soup 890Ft
Zurek (polish sour potato soup with cottage cheese, egg and sausage 890Ft

Warm up starters

Eggplant cream with home bread. 890Ft
Home bread with bone marrow 1.350Ft
Pirog stuffed with goat cheese 1.150Ft
Hermelín (czech marinated cheese) 1.270Ft

OUR SWEETIES – who said, you cant have with beers?

Brownie with ice cream 850Ft

The main ones – after the 1st beer

Strapachka with Kolozsvár bacon. 1,590Ft
Strapachka with pork knee stew 2.850Ft
Beef cheeks with dumplings 2.850Ft
Ribeye steak with onion beans 3.050Ft
BBQ spare ribs 1.850Ft
Grilled goat cheese with seedy green salad  1.450Ft
Malter wellington (black pudding in pasta) 1.950Ft
Hamburger applications – in our own bread
Cezar burger – Slowly baked lean bacon, dijon mustard, baked paprika cream, leavened cucumber  2.290
 Confit pulled duck burger – Confit duck, mangó chutney and sesame majonez  2.290

SIDE DISHES – have more than just a beer mat …

Beetroot or horseradish salad 410Ft
MALTeR house bread 120Ft
Onion with bean (Piedone) 520Ft